MID TERM REVIEW - Describe 3 learning organization...

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MID TERM REVIEW Chapter 1 What are the four functions of management? 1. Planning Bowie wants to make enrollment to 5,000 2. Organizing Dictating positions for people to run plan (ie Project Manager) 3. Influencing Stay on top of employees to make sure they’re getting the work done up to the managers standards 4. Control Staying on top of employees What are the 3 types of managemen skills? Technical Skills- You knowing your trade Human Skills- being able to relate to people Conceptual Skills- thinking outside of the box, not limiting yourself Chapter 2 What is the most important step or level in Maslow’s law? Physoligicol or biological- being aware of peoples well being
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Unformatted text preview: Describe 3 learning organization approaches System thinking (coming together to make a decision, everybody has there own part) shared visions (everybody lines up under leadership to push there plan, having one vision. , challenging of mental model (looking outside of the box) team learning (learning from each other working as a group) Personal mastery (bringing spet into the group) Chapter 3 What is social responsibility? Giant giving out free antibiotics to get people in to buy their products and to look good in the public eye....
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MID TERM REVIEW - Describe 3 learning organization...

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