mgmt 241 2-18-09 notes

mgmt 241 2-18-09 notes - c Influencing d Controlling...

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Chapter 4 Diversity 1. Diversity in management advantages a. Gaining and keeping market share b. Cost savings i. TEST QUESTION ( You have the ability to solve international problems in-house or having young people in your company to market a young product don’t have to pay to do things like market analysis.) c. Increased Productivity and Innovation d. Better Quality management 2. Tokenism- being the only minority 3. TEST QUESTION Role of manager (as a manager you should be able to do all of these. a. Planning b. Organizing
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Unformatted text preview: c. Influencing d. Controlling Chapter 5 Managing in the Global Arena 1. Test question Challenges you face going global a. Cultural Differences b. Different technology levels c. Laws and political systems 2. Multination Corporation (mcdonalds) a. Maintain significant operations in multiple countries but are managed from a base in the home contry. 3. Borderless organization a. Eliminates structural divisions that impose artificial geographical barriers (non profit orginizations)...
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mgmt 241 2-18-09 notes - c Influencing d Controlling...

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