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mgmt 241CHapter 9 - 3 Forecasting planning ahead 4 What are...

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Chapter 9 Plan and Planning Tools Exam Question 1. Types of Plans a. Standing Plans: Policies, Procedures, and rules (Bowies Code of Conduct) b. Single-Use Plans: Programs and Budgets (Agenda changing at a meeting) 2. Why Plans fail (know four) a. Bad employee motivation b. Bad management c. Too much is attempted at once d. Lack of understanding of different steps of the planning process
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Forecasting- planning ahead 4. What are the 5 stages to the product life cycle a. Introduction (Walkman) b. Growth ( Everyone wants one) c. Maturity ( highest it can sell at) d. Saturation (Everyone has a walk man no more is selling no new innovation put into it) e. Decline (cd player comes out nobody is buying it)] 5....
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