MGT241 Employee Motivation

MGT241 Employee Motivation - Micah Vinson MGT 241 Employee...

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Micah Vinson MGT 241 Employee Motivation Employee Motivation is a very important aspect in the job of a manager. It is the managers responsibility to motivate there team for optimum performance in the work place. Motivation and support from the manager allows a level of good morality to be present in the office. This level of high morality makes the offices run smoother by keeping your employees happier, making them feel supported, and ultimately leading to a much more efficient office. There was a 20 year study carried out from 1945 to 1965 at the Minneapolis Gas Company which sought out to determine what their potential employees want most from a job. The results were stunning to find out the previously presumed major factor for each employee was there monetary income, when it was actually job security followed by being happy in the work place. This type of happy morale where people aren’t fearful of their jobs being in jeopardy and not dreading coming to work day in and day out is the type of morale provided by motivation. In managerial theory X which is accredited to Sigmund Freud, assumes that people are
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MGT241 Employee Motivation - Micah Vinson MGT 241 Employee...

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