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governt contract chap 5 summary

governt contract chap 5 summary - Micah Vinson Chapter 5...

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Micah Vinson Chapter 5 Summary In government contracting ethics and integrity is key. Since the federal government is so large and powerful, things like a protest was put in place to help protect the little. Protests are defined as is legal challenge to an award of a Government contract or the procedures employed to compete a Government contract. These protests are to be filed either with the agency or can be filed in federal court. It was not till the year 1885 that independent contractors were given the power to take the federal government to court. In 1921 congress created the GAO which is known as the General Accounting office. The GAO was created to confirm that expenditures of federal funds by Executive Branch agencies were in accordance with statutes enacted by Congress and implemented through agency regulations. The person in charge of this organization is the Comptroller General of the United States. The GAO also audits the books of Federal Agencies to make sure money isn’t being spent in an ill-advised manner. The Federal Government attempted to improve the use of competition
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