Practice case exams

Practice case exams - for children of civilian Employees....

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Micah Vinson Practice Cases Exams 1. According to 139 of PL 99-190 they do indeed provide funds to lease facilities and day care centers for civilians. This particular section particularly consents to allowing funds for the Air Force to provide space for civilian childcare centers. According to Civilian employees will be permitted to enroll dependents in the child development center, up to 10 percent of the total enrollment. AFGE, Local 1501 , 38 FLRA 1515, Provision 1 [N] 2. According to 139 of PL 99-190 the government is entitled to provide authority for the use of appropriated funds to renovate existing government owned or leased facilities to make those facilities suitable as day care centers. This allows buildings to be renovated to make it suitable spaces suitable for use as childcare facility. 3. According to 139 of PL 99-190 officials are now authorize to use appropriated funds to expand day care facilities established to serve the military members to create space
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Unformatted text preview: for children of civilian Employees. The commanding officer in charge is allowed to create space for children of civilian employees in an MWR facility housed in a government - owned or leased building. 4. No the reimbursement costs would not be credited to the then current appropriation that initially absorbed them. Under 31 U.S.C. 1301 (a) (1982), an agency must use appropriated funds to pay for its authorized expenditures. Paragraph 139 (b)(2) does not expressly authorize funds received form a childcare center as reimbursement to be credited to agency appropriations, and deposit of such payments to the credit of either of the suggested appropriation accounts would result in an improper augmentation of Air Force appropriations. There is no statutory authority for the Air Force, therefore the reimbursements must be deposited in Treasury as Miscellaneous receipts....
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Practice case exams - for children of civilian Employees....

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