summary legal proccess

summary legal proccess - which is made up of the President...

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Micah Vinson Dynamics of the Legal Process The legal process is a part of the very foundation that this country was built on hundreds of years ago. It all started with the constitution which is the breath of life for the American legal system. It was the document that established the very balance of power within the government. The constitution set up a system where there would be three branches within the one government, which would help distribute the power between the branches. It was system created off the idea that no one man should have absolute control and free reign in this new government. This idea was created after many years of oppression under a king in England who practically acted as a dictator. This was what caused the colonist to leave in the first place, so to eliminate another power greedy leader the system of checks and balances was introduced. The three branches created was the Executive, Judicial, and Legislative branch. The Executive branch
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Unformatted text preview: which is made up of the President is in charge of executing the instructions of congress and has the power to veto legislation. The Judicial branch is the system of courts which administer justice and there major responsibility is to interpret the law. Last but not least you have the legislative branch which consists of congress and their main job is to make and amend laws. These three branches work hand in hand to make sure no one branch is deciding everything. The judiciary acts as a skilled overseer to guarantee that the laws of the Legislative Branch are being carried out. While the executive branch works to protect and defend the laws made by the legislative branch. This dynamic system has allowed the United States of America to operate as democracy and one of the most powerful nations in the entire world....
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summary legal proccess - which is made up of the President...

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