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history finals - Mao Zedong begins the long march Nazi...

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Remember the item and the year Boxer rebellion in china Boer war ends Russian Japanese war Bloody Sunday Picasso introduces cubism Archduke Fernando assassinated World War 1 begins Russian revolution Us enters World War 1 Influenza epidemic (Spanish flu) Treaty’s of Versailles ends world war 1 League of nations established Women are granted the right to vote Mussolini marches to rome Hitler jailed after failed group Penicillin discovered Stollin beings to cultivate agriculture in the ussr
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Adolf hitler begins chancellor
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Unformatted text preview: Mao Zedong begins the long march Nazi Olympics The berlin Olympics 1936 Spanish civil war 1936 World war 2 begins 1939 1941 Japanese pearl harbor 1942 battle of Stalingrad 1945 Germans surrender 1946 winston churchhill iorn curtin 1948 fate of isreal 1949 china becomes communist (Chinese revolution) 1950 Korean war 1953 stalin dies 1953 Hungarian revolution 1957 sputnik 1959 castro takes over cuba Nelson Mandela goes to prison 1964 1973 us moves out of vietnam...
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