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hw4b - 7(b such as the ones assigned in Part I of this...

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Math 300A&B Introduction to Mathematical Reasoning Fall 2009 Assignment #4: Due Wednesday, 10/28/09 Part II: Addition to the handout: The following two theorems should have been included on the Real Numbers and Integers handout, right after 7(b): 7(b prime ) If a > 0, then a - 1 > 0. 7(b primeprime ) If a < 0, then a - 1 < 0. (If you wish, you can use these results in the proofs of any theorems that come later than
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Unformatted text preview: 7(b), such as the ones assigned in Part I of this assignment.) 2. Write a two-column proof of each of the following theorems. Theorem 7(b p ) above. Theorem 7(r) from the handout. Theorem 7(s) from the handout....
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