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container store - discussed in the chapter and cites...

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29 This video features The Container Store, a national retailer headquartered in Dallas, Texas that was voted the best company to work for in America twice and was runner-up two other times. The company’s two co-founders discuss the management philosophy, human resources strategy, and motivational techniques that have contributed to their company’s phenomenal success. Emphasis is placed upon the importance of strong organizational culture, empowerment of employees, open communication, cross training, and a commitment to exceptional customer service. The video also provides a brief explanation of the majority of motivational theories
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Unformatted text preview: discussed in the chapter and cites examples illustrating their practical application by The Container Store’s managers. The benefits of a highly motivated workforce have included an exceptionally low turnover rate and promotion of many part-timers attempting to reach their full potential to full time positions. The video closes by emphasizing that good managers do not rely upon a single motivational theory. Rather, they tailor the motivational efforts used to the needs of their employees and their workplace....
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