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Easy As Riding a Bike - he e-mails photos to his family and...

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This video illustrates the importance of technology to Matt Hoffman, a professional freestyle bicyclist and entrepreneur. As a professional cyclist, Matt found that the bicycles on the market were not sturdy enough to handle the rigors of his competitive stunts. So he decided to start Hoffman Bikes and thereby assume the typical responsibilities of an entrepreneur. To promote the sport of freestyle bike riding, Matt also founded Hoffman Promotions. In addition, he has a growing family. Because of modern technology, Matt was able to manage all of his responsibilities successfully. Whether at home or on the road, Matt maximizes his productivity by carrying a laptop, which allows him to work anywhere and at anytime. When traveling,
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Unformatted text preview: he e-mails photos to his family and communicates with them via videoconferencing. By integrating a variety of technological applications into their everyday business activities, Matt and his well-trained savvy staff are able to easily communicate with customers and colleagues, remain organized, and maintain focus on their many projects. Matt also uses technology to stay abreast of the latest medical research issues pertaining to his sports injuries. His strong desire to succeed, combined with the efficient use of the right technology, helped Matt Hoffman to earn recognition as the SBA’s Entrepreneur of the Year in 1995....
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