Hershey uses a continuous assembly process to make their pro

Hershey uses a continuous assembly process to make their...

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Jeffrey Welter BUS-115 Week 6 Assignment 1. Does Hershey use process manufacturing or the assembly process? Is the production of Hershey’s chocolate an example of an intermittent or continuous production process? Justify your answers. 2. What location factors might go into the selection for manufacturing site for Hershey’s chocolate? Hershey uses a continuous assembly process to make their products. Their assembly process combines components together such as chocolate and almonds as shown in the video to create chocolate bars. Many different components come together to make a chocolate bar. The continuous process is used because of the fact that Hershey’s uses different machines to make different products. Certain machines are specially designed to make specific product, they do not swap parts. Although the chocolate may come from one mixer or from the same supply, the machines used to make each product are different.
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Unformatted text preview: Some of the location factors that might be part of Hersheys location selection would be the availability of resources, ease of transportation access, and the proximity to suppliers. Hersheys based their manufacturing plant in Pennsylvania for the supply of fresh water and pastures. Inexpensive resources are another major reason for moving production facilities. (Nickels, McHugh, and McHugh, 271) Although they import some products, majority of the required ingredients are right there in Pennsylvania. By having their manufacturing plant near needed resources cuts back on transportation costs from imported goods. Also being in Pennsylvania may cause Hersheys to incur higher transportation prices to suppliers. They balanced this by having their manufacturing plant right next to the needed resources. Works Cited Nickels, McHugh, and McHugh. Understanding Business 7e. The McGraw-Hill Companies, 2004...
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Hershey uses a continuous assembly process to make their...

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