IBM is truly a global company

IBM is truly a global company - with the potential for...

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IBM is truly a global company. Half of its employees are scattered across 160 various nations outside of the United States, and its annual revenues are greater than the GDP of many of the nations in which it transacts business. Its primary means of international expansion has been direct investment. Because its brand is cross-cultural, the company strives to maintain a strong brand identity and a consistent corporate image around the globe. IBM’s comparative advantage lies in its ability to provide systems integration and technology research. Systems integration provides customers with a tremendous opportunity for differentiation and efficiency that is so important in today’s competitive environment. And because it has eight research facilities scattered around the globe, IBM can provide the advantage of developing new, innovative technologies
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Unformatted text preview: with the potential for regional application. Over a decade ago, Lou Gertsner, IBM’s former CEO, commissioned a study revealing that the IBM brand meant many different things to different people around the globe. To correct this, the decision was made to consolidate company advertising efforts under a single agency to strengthen the brand. The overall continuity of IBM’s global network, consisting of employees, research facilities and offices around the globe, also helps create a cohesive brand message that reaches consumers worldwide. Because of IBM’s global 11 outreach, companies around the world are able to streamline their IT operations, improve communications, and thereby enhance corporate performance....
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