This video focuses upon the ethics program and socially resp

This video focuses upon the ethics program and socially...

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This video focuses upon the ethics program and socially responsible activities of Abbott Laboratories, one of the world’s largest and most respected pharmaceutical companies. Through its compliance-based ethics program, Abbott has developed a set of standards that apply globally so that employees thoroughly understand management’s expectations concerning ethical behavior. Ethical behavior as it relates to promotional practices is an important issue in the health care industry, One of the tasks of the company’s several ethics officers is to interpret some of the very complex rules written around this issue and turn them into communications, directives, and guidelines that Abbott employees can understand and implement. Training is also a very important part of Abbott’s
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Unformatted text preview: ethics program. At present, all managers and sales personnel must complete a mandatory ethics training program, which the company is the process of upgrading to include an interactive CD Rom program containing a series of role plays. There is also a Director of Internal Investigations, who investigates allegations of an ethical breach by employees. The company is also involved in numerous socially responsible acts, which Abbott refers to as ‘global citizenship.’ Abbott has made a huge commitment to fight the HIV/AIDS pandemic on multiple fronts. The company is also very careful about the impact of its 14 manufacturing process on the environment and how they report their financial performance to shareholders....
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