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Week 1: Your Learning Commitment - Lecture Help JavaScript is required for your course. Please ensure JavaScript is enabled in your browser preferences. Print This Page What is Online Learning? Introduction What Can You Expect From Your Online Experience at DeVry? How Will You Learn Online? Time Management Skills Self-Directed Learning Skills Group Work Skills Your Online Community Netiquette What are the Pros? What if. ..? Introduction Who are you? What are you studying? Who are you studying with? These are all good questions. As you will discover this week, your classmates are a diverse group of students who are geographically located across the United States. They may be working toward degrees in a variety of concentrations within the business program or may be enrolled in the CIS program. What Can You Expect From Your Online Experience at DeVry? Learning through DeVry Online is asynchronous, and purely online, which means that instructors and students do not meet face-to-face, but they join the conversation at different times. While you may have telephone contact with your fellow students when you are working on group projects or with your instructor when you have questions, the majority of your class work will take place on your computer through the eCollege online learning platform. Our Syllabus is the game plan for our course. Be sure to print it and read it carefully. Pay special attention to the section on Threaded Discussions . In an online class, this is where you will discuss the textbook chapters you are reading for the week, so it’s important for you to participate by posting messages to the "threads." The threaded discussion areas (TDAs) give you a place to ask your instructor questions and read the posts that your classmates have made. Your participation in the TDAs is also an important part of your overall grade (the TDAs are worth 280 points for the term, or 28% of your final grade). At DeVry Online, your exams will be online as well. These are open-book quizzes and they are timed. This means that you will be able to use any notes that you have; but when the time limit is up, you will be "kicked out" of the exam. You will need to study and be prepared to make the best use of your time. In this course, you will have three timed quizzes: in Week 1, Week 4, and Week 7. There is no final exam. This will not be the case in most of your other courses, where, in Week 8, you will have a timed open-book final exam or a research paper or a team project due. In your CIS courses and some of the business courses, there
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may be a final lab. In COLL148, however, we focus on preparing your for those final exams in other courses: you will need to assess your time management skills and you will use the threaded discussions to review strategies for studying for open--book exams before you take the exam in Week 4 . Although most students become comfortable with online learning, some students miss the face-to-face
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COLL148_Lectures - Week 1: Your Learning Commitment Lecture...

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