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Excellent Example Essay

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Smith 1 Bob Smith Michelle James English Composition 112 May 12, 2005 Starting Over New Years is a holiday that is celebrated worldwide. Different countries, as well as different cultures, have many traditions in which to celebrate this holiday. Some celebrate this occasion on different dates throughout the year and for different lengths of time. These celebrations are celebrated with a variety of traditions such as festivals, parades, feasts, parties, and more. Regardless of where and how it is celebrated, one thing remains true; New Years is a time when everyone starts anew. Thesis statement is clear. As stated previously, different countries celebrate New Year’s in different ways. For example, China celebrates their new year between the times of January 21 st to February 20 th . Their celebration lasts for a total of 15 days. On the first day of celebration, everyone wears new clothes and acts in their best behavior to start off fresh for the new year. Starting from this day on, families, friends and neighbors pay visits to each other to give their best wishes for the new year. During this time they all join in on various traditions.
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