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Excellent Narrative Essay - Smith 1 Betty Smith Professor...

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Betty Smith Professor Michelle James ENG112 Composition July 6, 2004 Our Foundation Every family has its own unique foundation. Some families include single parents, step- parents, or grandparents; while a few still have the biological mother and father. My family included my dad, mom, brother and myself. We had come to taking it for granted that each other was there and always would be. I had moved back home with two small children after leaving an abusive husband, and my brother still lived at home. We would soon find out what others had before us. A series of major events can either tear a family apart, or bring it closer and stronger. One chilly, dark March morning marked the first crack in our family’s foundation. I woke hearing Mom and Dad talking in the hall. Mom’s voice was high and trembling. I froze, half in bed, half out. I wanted to know what was going on so early but I had never heard stark fear in our home before. Mom opened my door. I saw her mouth moving, but only heard, “… Dad … hospital … heart …”. I sank down to the bed, my liquid legs could no longer hold me up. I wanted to say “no,” but my mother’s white face and startled green eyes told the truth. Later that day, after Dad had stabilized, he was transferred from our local hospital to a larger one in Boston. We were hopeful that everything would be all right; after all, Dad’s father had had a heart attack and cancer and he was doing great. The doctor assigned to Dad’s case was well known for his expertise and skill. He was also well known for giving the best care to those with the best method of payment. Unfortunately, my parents were small business owners and
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Excellent Narrative Essay - Smith 1 Betty Smith Professor...

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