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Joe Jones Professor James English 112 June 10, 2005 The Importance of Animal Testing Imagine a society where there was a cure and medication for cancer, diabetes, blindness, and even Parkinson’s disease. Such a society is possible through the effective use of animal testing and technological advances provided through animal testing. Animal testing, no matter how heartbreaking, is a necessary and vital part of medical research in that it allows medical advancement in the veterinary field, provides advances in medical technology, and also allows researchers ways to develop and test treatments for diseases. Many advances made in veterinary medicine can be greatly attributed to animal testing and research. Animal activists and PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, argue that testing animals is both cruel and inhumane. However they do not attribute that animals also suffer from cancer, heart disease, asthma and many other diseases. These diseases in animals can be diagnosed and treated in the same way humans are treated. Nearly ninety percent of the veterinary medicines used to treat animals are the same as, or very similar to, those developed to treat humans (“Veterinary Advances”). Benadryl, for example, is a common antihistamine medicine humans take for allergy control. Benadryl can be given to dogs to help control various allergies and itching due to skin irritations. Many vaccines developed specifically for animals were researched through the help of animal testing. Some vaccines developed include, but are not limited to, leptospirosis in dogs, equine herpes in horses, and rabies in cats, dogs, horses, and
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Jones 2 foxes. Veterinarian Charles Cornelius states, “… for every known human disease, an identical or similar disease exists in at least one other species” (“Veterinary Advances”).
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Excellent Persuasive Essay - Joe Jones Professor James...

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