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Smith 1 Mary Smith Professor James English 112 April 15, 2006 Planting a Garden Imagine coming home from a long day at work and walking outside to a serene and beautiful retreat. There are many different shades of green and colors everywhere; lime green, forest green, pinks, and purples, blended together so perfectly to form a safe haven from the outside world. The Irises and Gladiolas are blooming and butterflies dancing from flower to flower. Here, you can exhale and gather your sanity or work off your frustration. To create your own personal oasis there are three main things you must do: determine when and where to begin planting, what types of flowers you like and the continuing care of your garden. Engaging intro duction paragraph. Clear specific thesis statement. Good descriptive words used. First, you will need to pick a spot in your yard, or the entire yard, making sure you have enough time to maintain the size you choose. Give yourself enough room in your garden for what you have imagined in your head in order to give the plants room to
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Excellent Process Essay - Smith 1 Mary Smith Professor...

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