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COHERENCE Developed by: Prof. Kin Norman HOW TO ACHIEVE COHERENCE IN YOUR PARAGRAPHS 1. Combine shorter, single-clause sentences into compound, complex, or compound-complex sentences. 2. Use transitional expressions (however, also, first, next, on the other hand, consequently, in conclusion, etc.) at the beginning of sentences. 3. Use pronouns (and articles) correctly. 4. Use deliberate, selective repetition of words and phrases from one sentence in another sentence (or sentences). In particular, repeat words or phrases from the last part of one sentence in the first part of the next sentence. Example: In my essay I will first survey the major schools of American art and then show where Basquiat’s painting fits
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Unformatted text preview: within the American tradition. His painting fits neatly in the New York School, of course, but we can also find other influences . We find Cubist influences , for example, in many of his early paintings. 5. Use parallel structures between and among sentences. Example: I was disappointed to discover that the major news media had failed to give adequate coverage to the Waco disaster. I was irritated to learn that no press coverage had mentioned the apparent bumbling of the BATF forces until weeks after the fiasco. And ultimately, I was horrified to find that our own government’s carelessness had caused the deaths of children....
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