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During the summer of 1996, I decided to lead a student tour to Europe. The students chose two countries to visit that year: France and England. During this first international trip, I learned a lot about traveling and myself. Flying over the Atlantic Ocean was a first for me. Prior to departing for my first international trip with students, I had flown several times, but the longest domestic flight I had was about three hours. This trans-Atlantic flight lasted about ten hours from start to finish, even though it was only about seven hours from New York to Paris. For some unknown reason, we had to stop at several of Northwest’s hubs, so we spent about three hours flying in the United States before we began our journey across the ocean. The seats seemed fairly comfortable at first, but the longer I sat, the smaller the space began to feel. If I reclined my seat, the passenger behind me had my headrest in his/her lap. Consequently, I tried to doze sitting straight, which does not make for a restful sleep. The worst part of the flight was the location of my seat—the middle seat of five. Unfortunately for me, the passengers to my right and left were all able to sleep, which “locked” me in until they awakened in the morning. I learned a valuable lesson on this first International flight—I now always check my seat prior to departure. There
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Sample_Narrative_Paper - During the summer of 1996 I...

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