STATS HELP KAS - 2. (TCO 11) - A restaurant claims that its...

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2. (TCO 11) - A restaurant claims that its speed of service time is less than 18 minutes. A random selection of 36 service times was collected, and their mean was calculated to be 17.1 minutes. Their standard deviation is 3.1 minutes. Is there enough evidence to support the claim at alpha = .08. Perform an appropriate hypothesis test, showing each important step. (Note: 1st Step: Write Ho and Ha; 2nd Step: Determine Rejection Region; etc.) 4. (TCO 1,7) A social service worker wants to estimate the true proportion of pregnant teenagers who miss at least one day of school per week on average. The social worker wants to be within 3% of the true proportion when using a 95% confidence interval. A previous study estimated the population proportion at 0.28. (a). Using this previoius study as an estimate for p, what sample size should be used? (b). If the previous study was not available, what estimate for p should be used? 5. (TCO 2) The heights of 8 4th graders are listed in inches. {50, 51, 55, 52, 59, 54, 54, 53}. Find the mean, median, mode, variance, and range. Do you think this sample might have come from a normal population? Why or why not? 7. (TCO 4, 5) The probability that a house in an urban area will be burglarized is 3%. If 45 houses are randomly selected what is the probability that one of the houses will be burglarized? a. Is this a binomial experiment? Explain how you know.
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STATS HELP KAS - 2. (TCO 11) - A restaurant claims that its...

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