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EXERCISE+8.6A - in order except for the following(1 An...

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PROBLEM 8.6A Effects of Inventory Errors on Earnings The owners of Hexagon Health Foods are offering the business for sale. The partial income  statements of the business for the three years of its existence are summarized below.   2005 2004 2003 Net sales $875,000 $840,000 $820,000 Cost of goods sold 481,250 487,200 480,000 Gross profit on sales $393,750 $352,800 $340,000 Gross profit percentage 45% 42% 41% In negotiations with prospective buyers of the business, the owners of Hexagon are calling attention to  the rising trends of the gross profit and of the gross profit percentage as very favorable elements. Assume that you are retained by a prospective purchaser of the business to make an investigation of the  fairness and reliability of the enterprise's accounting records and financial statements. You find everything 
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Unformatted text preview: in order except for the following: (1) An arithmetic error in the computation of inventory at the end of 2003 had caused a $40,000 understatement in that inventory, and (2) a duplication of figures in the computation of inventory at the end of 2005 had caused an overstatement of $81,750 in that inventory. The company uses the periodic inventory system and these errors had not been brought to light prior to your investigation. Instructions 1. Prepare a revised three-year partial income statement summary. 2. Comment on the trend of gross profit and gross profit percentage before and after the revision....
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