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SANTIAGO CANYON COLLEGE INSTRUCTOR: Terry Anderson E-MAIL: ANDERSON_TERRY@SCCOLLEGE TELKEPHONE: 714-892-7711 #52044 ACCOUNTING 101 (SECTION 20691) FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING M-W 8-10:05 1. TEXT: FINANCIAL & MANAGERIAL ACCOUNTING, The Basis for Business Decisions 15 th Edition by Williams, Haka, Bettner and Carcello, McGraw-Hill Irwin publishing. The CONNECT access code. 2. CATALOG DESCRIPTION: An introductory course in financial accounting developed for the business administration transfer student. The course will include the study of the accounting cycle, asset and liability accounting, corporations, financial statements and principles. 3. COURSE OBJECTIVE: The student will be an educated user of financial information. 4. QUIZZES, TESTS AND HOME ASSIGNMENTS: Quizzes will usually be given after each chapter. Chapters 1 will not have a quiz. There will be twelve quizzes worth 20 points each. There will be a 200-point midterm exam covering chapters 1-5 and a 200 point final exam. You must take the tests during scheduled courses hours. Homework assignments are shown on the back of this handout and have a weight of 10 points for problems per chapter. Each student is expected to have made a reasonable attempt to
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This note was uploaded on 12/08/2009 for the course ACCT 101 taught by Professor Jim during the Spring '09 term at CSU Channel Islands.

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