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Public Speaking Final Exam Study Guide What to find on research engines like Ebsco Host, ProQuest, Lexis Nexis and Academic search elite. Assessing soundness of research found on the internet Types of examples: brief, extended, hypothetical The language of research Tips for using examples in speeches The three R’s of research Goals of persuasive speeches Attitudes, beliefs, behaviors Audiences that agree, disagree or are neutral Fact, Value and Policy Policy speeches must address three issues. What are they? How do you fulfill
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Unformatted text preview: them? The reasoning process Deductive and inductive reasoning Reasoning by Analogy Hasty Generalization, False Analogy The Three C’s of credibility Inclusive language Connotative and Denotative meaning The importance of language Using language accurately Speech introductions and conclusions What makes up an introduction? What gets accomplished in an introduction? What makes up a conclusion? What gets accomplished in a conclusion?...
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