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syllabus 300 15 fall 2009 online - 1"Each film is a...

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"Each film is a documentary about its own production." Eric Rohmer 1. Faculty Information Name: Dr. Robert W. Davis Jr. Office: CP 650-23 Phone: x7147 E-mail: [email protected] Office hours: via email and in-person, by appointment 2. Course Information Name: The Language of Film [Visual Design] Number: RTVF 300 ( online version ) Description: introduction to the most basic visual and syntactic components of film. Texts: Bruce Block, The Visual Story . 2 nd Edition . Boston: Focal Press, 2008. New Munsell Student Color Set [ Note: the Color Set must be purchased before mid- semester, at which time the bookstore typically returns unbought copies .] Thirty-three (33) films [available in Pollak library and through online rental sources] "Kitano" stills [available on blackboard] Lecture Units [available on blackboard] Learning Goals and Assessment: Learning Goals Assessment To become familiar with the range of visual design strategies used in a variety of films; two exams on required film screenings to identify the components of visual design, their inherent qualities, and the use to which they are put in the assigned films and audio-visual media in general; a comprehensive exam on lectures and readings to breakdown the components of visual design in a specific film and to consider their effectiveness in unifying, organizing, and energizing that film; and a final paper to apply affectively concepts and theories of visual design in the creation and organization of images. a "test shoot", two photo notebooks, and three storyboard projects Note on time requirements: According to your CSUF student handbook "classes require two or three hours of class time per unit of credit. For example, a twelve unit class load normally requires an average time commitment of [up to] 36 hours per week [outside of class, so that] even a 12 unit load is the equivalent of a full time job devoted to your university studies." RTVF 300 requires students spend on average 10 hours per week reading, watching films, shooting photo notebooks, studying, writing papers, etc. Note on costs: In addition to the required books ($25-35 for the Block text and $75 for the New Munsell Student Color Set) the class requires students shoot approximately 100 photographs. In addition, most students purchase memberships in online dvd rental outlets, like netflix, in order to facilitate the viewing of required films. 1
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Note on the availability of films and library AV check-out : All films required for this class will be available for viewing in Pollak Library. DVDs may be checked out from the reserve desk on the first floor of the library, South. Most (though not necessarily all) films required for class are also available through online rental sites. Note on the content of the required films:
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syllabus 300 15 fall 2009 online - 1"Each film is a...

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