Jan 7, Intro - Social Context of Business

Jan 7, Intro - Social Context of Business - o Through DGDs...

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Social Context of Business ADM 1301 N Welcome to “Social Context of Business” Week 1, Text Reference: Chapter 1 About this course This course explores business in its social context Business, and its affect on government and civil society, and their affect on business It’s more than simply making a profit Business’s relation with “society” is increasingly complex About how you will be taught Through: o A highly interactive approach where in-class discussion is encouraged o Lectures and videos (where practicable) o Guest lectures (when possible)
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Unformatted text preview: o Through DGDs with you Teaching Assistant Get the movie “The Corporation” What is business’s social context? • Business • Government • Civil Society – everything that’s not business or gov’t (education, volunteer, etc.) o And their interaction Business and Society Relationship • Business is the collection of private, commercially oriented (profit-oriented) organizations. • Society is a numerous interest groups, more or less formalized organizations, and a variety of institutions...
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