Jan 17, Parliamentary Committees

Jan 17, Parliamentary Committees - The Canadian Government...

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The Canadian Government Sector How Canadians Govern themselves The word “government” has its roots in both Greek and Latin, meaning “to steer” Canada is a democracy, a constitutional monarchy and a federal state, with 10 largely self-governing provinces and three territories Nova Scotia was the first part of Canda to secure a representative government (in 1758) A Federal State A federal state is one that brings together a number if different political communities with a common government for common purposes, and separate “states” or “provincial” governments for the particular purposes of each community Federalism combines unity with diversity The British North America Act, 1867 , was the instrument that brought the Canadian federation into existence Constitution The Constitution Act, 1982 did not give Canada a new constitution What we have now is the old constitution with a very few small deletions and four immensely important additions: o The establishment of 4 legal formulas for amending the constitution o The first three amending formulas place certain parts of the written constitution beyond the power of Parliament or any other provincial legislature to touch o The setting out of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms o The giving to provinces, wide powers over their own natural resources Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms Democratic rights Fundamental freedoms Mobility rights Legal rights Official language rights Minority language education rights Canadian Federalism Canada o Governed by a system of parliamentary democracy with powers divided among the various levels of government that constitute our federalist state Federalism o Is a system of political organization in which the activities of state are divided between at least two levels of government in such a way that each level has certain areas in which it is empowered to make final decisions
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The Canadian Federation o The federal government o 10 provincial sand three territorial governments o a number of regional and local municipalities Some Examples of Federal Government Exclusive National Powers Direct and indirect taxation Regulation of trade and commerce The post office Census and statistics Navigation and shipping The fisheries Money and banking Interest Bankruptcy Weights and measures Patents Copyrights Criminal Law and procedures in criminal cases General law of marriage Some examples of provincial legislation powers Direct taxation in the province for provincial purposes Natural resources Prisons (except for federal penitentiaries) Charitable institution Hospitals (except marine hospitals) Municipal institutions Licenses for provincial and municipal revenue purposes Incorporation of provincial companies Solemnization of marriage, property and civil rights in the province The creation of courts and the administration of justice, fines and penalties for
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Jan 17, Parliamentary Committees - The Canadian Government...

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