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Chemistry 151 Exam 3 Infosheet, Fall 2009 From Structure to Properties Chemical knowledge and thinking has had an enormous impact on modern life, particularly through the development of new substances and materials via chemical synthesis. Modern societies depend on the ability of chemical scientists and engineers to design, synthesize, and mass produce from drugs for medical uses, to fertilizers for food production, to semiconductors for the electronic industry, to fuels for energy generation, to the myriad of polymeric materials used for clothing and housing purposes. Understanding the relationship between molecular structure and physical properties is not only crucial to design and develop the variety of substances and materials that we use in our daily lives, but also to devise effective processes to characterize, detect, identify, or quantify their presence in a given system. Environmental and forensic chemical analysis, for example, would not be possible without a clear understanding of how structure at the submicroscopic level affects physical properties at the
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