essay 2 - Fabrication Vs. Reality If one may be able to sit...

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Fabrication Vs. Reality If one may be able to sit down with Paco Underhill for an hour, and watch his video- customers from various stores, as though the people in these movies are more similar than one may expect. Surprisingly, these people hold continuous shopping patterns such as always keeping to the right-hand side of others, speeding up pace when nothing catches their attention and they tend to enjoy ‘petting’ clothes before they make decisions to buy them. It may surely seem, through Paco’s videos, that as though people in general are more similar to ants beating to the same drum rather than individuals in continuous stride to defining their own uniqueness. Though most of us do tend to act in similar ways, most of us are well aware that researchers and observers like Paco and Thomas de Zengotita are think that marketers may be able to control a person’s shopping habits to an extent. Zengotita describes people in a way in which we are all accustomed to feeling a sense of numbing. Numbing in the overabundance of stimuli that people do not have choice but to grow accustomed to. Zengotita explains how “everything is firing message modules, straight for your gonads, your taste buds, your vanities, your fears” and we are all affected to the point that far-fetched ideas and ads that new marketers are trying to come up may be pointless because we are all so accustomed to the replay of stimuli. With most commercials consisting of the predictable beautiful person with a huge smile, living in a colorful world with a punch line and Walla! A product… next commercial. These television ads all seem to be mirror-images of each other, demanding attention from people who grow numb in sharing their attention to an overabundance of ads. Upon sitting on my couch, there was a new commercial on TV that seemed to catch my attention rather quickly. This particular commercial caught my attention because it had no sound to it, there was no one talking, no song in the background and so immediately I looked up from my cell phone to see what it was about. There was a black background and white words and it caught my attention because it was so… different. It was Another new type of commercial that catches peoples’ attention is Dove commercials which do not contain models or actors, but regular people who actually look normal in all their facial quarks and imperfect frames. Zengotita might be surprised to find that a handful of companies have caught on to our indifference to more and more stimuli and they have resorted back to a more simple approach. It seems as though people are not looking to the
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essay 2 - Fabrication Vs. Reality If one may be able to sit...

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