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Lab # 3 Victim 1- Julie Brown is a Sophomore at Umass Amherst, president of her class, and very well liked by her peers. Well known at school , mother is a RN and father is Lawyer. Julie is the oldest of four younger sisters. Defendant 1- Christopher Smith who is a repeating senior at Umass on academic probation, was raised by a single mother and is the youngest of three. He has a record of being previously convicted for shoplifting and multiple speeding tickets. Christopher works two full time jobs to pay for tuition. Scenario1- On the night of Thursday October 31 st Julie Brown telephoned her older friend Christopher Smith to ask a favor for him to purchase one thirty of Keystone Light and one handle of Rubinoff vodka for her and several of her friends. All persons that the alcohol was purchased for were under the age of 21. The two met up in front of Julie’s southwest dorm around 10:00 p.m with the alcohol. Both headed to a party located off campus. Around 2 a.m. the party began to die down and Christopher
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