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questions - 1 You are likely to purchase food that contains...

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1. You are likely to purchase food that contains GMO’s. 2. You are likely to support a loved one through an abortion. 3. You agree with “the ends justify the means” in stem cell research. 4. You feel comfortable receive a gene therapy that had been tested on animals. 5. I think the economy would be benefited by cloning animals for food production. 6. I agree with the welfare of animals is protected during research. 7. I believe human life begins at conception. 8. I would save my child’s umbilical chord for stem cells research in case of problems in the future. 9. Stem cells should be used for limb reconstruction. 10. I would donate my child’s stem cells for the research of limb reconstruction. 11. I believe stem cell research would help us cure human disease. 12. The government should not fund stem cell research. 13. Invitro fertilization is a medical advancement for couples who cannot conceive a child. 14.
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