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Rachael CecilioOctober 3

Rachael CecilioOctober 3 - Rachael Cecilio Stats 240 Lab...

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Rachael Cecilio October 3, 2008 Stats 240 Lab Research Study This study is comparing the hours per week and number of weeks the mother worked within the first 3 years of a child’s life. It is comparing this to the behavioral problems that they experienced. 1. Independent Variables 1. Number of weeks employed during Childs first 3 years 2. Number of hours per week mother worked during first 3 years Dependent Variable: Behavior problems age 5 to 6 2. I believe they will be correlated because children need love and attention from there parents, if the mother works all the time this could create behavioral problems within the next few coming years. 3. (H1)=If a mother works a lot then the child will end up having behavioral problems showing during age 5 to 6. A. I think this will be a strong positive correlation, the more they work the more problems they will have. B. The amount of weeks and amount of hours per week will affect how much the child is affected by behavioral problems. I think the variability will be low.
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