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A Purpose This is an anonymous questionnaire to assess the manner in which people in general would judge various offenses. Below is a brief account of a criminal offense. You will be allotted as much time as you need to assess this case. When you have finished reading the case account, you will be asked to give your personal opinion concerning the case. That is, you are to assume the role of the judge and sentence the defendant described in the case account to a specific number of years in prison. Please remember that we are only interested in your personal opinion on this subject. In addition, it is your job to determine how guilty the defendant is. Your decision should not be based on outside factors, that is, you should not take into account the possibility of additional fines, parole, etc. Scenarios Joe Adoretti, age 17, was driving home from the grocery store on December 18 th . It had been snowing for several hours and the roads had not yet been plowed. Since he was in a rush to get home, Joe was
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