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CHE105-ex1-StudyGuide-fall07 - CHE 105 Gen Chem I STUDY...

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CHE 105 – Gen Chem I - STUDY GUIDE for EXAM # 1 (Fall2007, Mueller) The exam will cover chapters 1 and 2 of the text. Questions will come from material in lecture and the text. There will be a combination of multiple choice, matching, short answer, and calculation type problems. You will be provided with a periodic table that lists the names of the elements (on web-site) CHAPTER 1: Know these definitions and be able to apply the concepts: Accuracy/precision Chemical/physical changes and properties Matter and its classifications (substance/mixture; compound, element, homogeneous mixture, or heterogeneous mixture) Extensive/intensive properties Scientific method (hypothesis, theory, law, observations, experimentation) Qualitative/quantitative Metric prefixes (memorize: mega, kilo, centi, mili, micro, nano; know how to use others) Difference between mass and weight Three main states of matter and what they look like on a microscopic scale (Fig.1.6).
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