351 C9 key Smith

351 C9 key Smith - for the following transformation....

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Chemistry 351 Fall 2008 Ch. 9 Problem Set l. Provide the product(s) for the following reactions. ,,,rrt\\OH HBr *"S -*cn I or4e s ,.,, Jsot F* MeO MeoH is a. q,eotL FI^"o/ ,-eoL h.[.,r6 afe- char4c-+a-rishL of s,.l /E \ rq"t.}&ru' There is c^ *r\h3t thiS,*IdJ" st L;\iz.es {* .*b*"vht^ CF'""^ X \" a'"). aY Ar>-So \ t{gt-$^t: o.. ,^re*V bate- ^^.! P@' '-t*: \ n^e n €*h4\ €I*S+ slra'bi\izes \h" c^rb"-t\ion' Tl- 5a,a $L -ga F-tl {rr*V gives *- r'ost s,,["*i\^\.J ^\,.^e; ,l $tis eo&t e\ #rrn-:^rbetih"kJ o{\.ene b.J" l) TsCl 2. Provide electron pushing mechanisms fbr the following transformations. Also, justify the pathway taken by each reaction. .t\lr b<f4 OMe Br do,#,"doHm l'/teO- i: o^ stroT N:t f\er<- iF ;s o.tig o1S o. hl*'r
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(..={{rorns Aot't rna#rer ) 3. Provide an electron pushing mechanism
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Unformatted text preview: for the following transformation. Account for the fact that the cis and trans starting materials give the same intermediate. Show two possible minor products. Is the product chiral? What kind of reaction is this? r.,tr49F=-Fe-q,.Ts CC'-&quot;n C-c^rk?*\or' res.^\H ir'-t lo:s of s{cr&lt;'o c-lrera'is (cH3)3coFI 5*l qio'-&quot;&quot;--# 4. Draw the mechanism fbr the following reaction. Account for the stereochemistry indicated in the major and minor products. Show all intermediates. Do the two products share a common intermediate? ,^ = l /'\$&quot;s tl 9* =-\ I EtO con,r*&quot;nt !tur!l=PrF&lt; ^ = ) q-*'P ? \.-trr ffc{\pnu + o a\/ = NrBr, = | .,.\. l\a\-/tr[ /,.-\. .r,,S ( \^ -----&gt; r r \,,r&quot; EtoH I I = =tt- Yp \.-B' -/\ '=J-\ I maror ti,t/ minor-: \*r ^xi) Eto&quot; l...
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351 C9 key Smith - for the following transformation....

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