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MO theory pg 2 key

MO theory pg 2 key - Problems 1 Can He exist Draw a...

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Unformatted text preview: Problems , 1. Can He;+ exist? Draw a molecular orbital diagram for He2+. /\ l ”ll/“1.14 HQSW wghbflblww REE/E CM magma WWQM % a. 2. Conjugated alkenes are compounds that look 1 e they have alternating double and single bonds along a carbon chain. Butadiene is a conjugated diene. If all the p orbitals overlap in a row, how many pi molecular orbitals can be created for butadiene? g butadiene wpég$§bk€ Pb (1603222) LI? MGEQO-FQQ‘V W1» 3. Assign the correct number of electrons to the correct orbitals for F2. The MO diagram for F2 and its valence electrons is given below. (Orient yourself. Looks scarier than it is. I’m not asking you to draw this MO diagram. Your skill: how do you put electrons into molecular orbitals.) ...
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