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17. A Love Poem for OChem

17. A Love Poem for OChem - E2 likes tertiary and really...

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A Love Poem for OChem By Natalie Manwaring Ochem, Ochem you're so sweet The fun I have with you cannot be beat Substitution, Elimination, Addition reactions too Oh how I wish I had nothing else to do! Substitution is perfect when you can find A good leaving group and a nucleophile of some kind If you're not sterically hindered and have a strong nucleophile, Then SN2 is the trick (but mind the stereochem for a while!) But if you're real hindered and your nucleophile is bad, Then SN1 will go (sometimes heat you must add) Eliminations are great if you want an alkene But make sure there's a leaving group and base on the scene.
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Unformatted text preview: E2 likes tertiary and really strong bases, With double bonds forming in more substituted places. E1 makes a carbocation- weak bases are the clue But be careful! You can usually get SN1 too! And then, of course, we study addition Adding halogens or alcohols- depending on the condition. These can be done with alkenes or alkynes, Know the mechanisms well, and you will be fine. Pi bonds attack electrophiles is how we begin, Remember Markovnikov and anti or syn! Knowing all these reactions is great, but it isn't enough Put all the reactions together, and synthesize some stuff!...
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