1-20-09 - ;selffertilized seedtexture:roundorwrinkled...

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1/20/09 Mendel- pea plants for studies; self fertilized  -seed texture: round or wrinkled parental generation: 1 round  1 wrinkled round (RR) x wrinkled (ww) 1 st : 100% round round x round (Rw x Rw) 2 nd 75% round, 25% wrinkled round x round (RR x RR) (Rw x Rw), wrinkled x wrinkled (ww x ww) 3 rd : 100% round, 75% round 25%wrinkled; 100% wrinkled Derived 2 biological principles: 1. Principle of Segregation- genes occur in pairs in an individual. In the  production of sex cells, the pair of genes is separated. Each sex cell  contains only one gene of the pair. Use Punnett Square to project the  results of matings. RR x ww: R R W Rw Rw  4 Rw (4 round) W Rw Rw Gene- segment of DNA that codes for the production of a protein. Allele- alternative forms of a gene. Genotype- set of genes possessed by an individual. Phenotype- the physical characteristics of the organism.
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This note was uploaded on 12/09/2009 for the course ANTH 1001 taught by Professor Tague during the Spring '07 term at LSU.

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1-20-09 - ;selffertilized seedtexture:roundorwrinkled...

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