Syll954 - Syllabus: Management 954 Advanced Topics in...

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Syllabus: Management 954 Professor David L. Olson Advanced Topics in Information Systems CBA 256 Fall 2001 (402) 472-4521 CBA361 FAX (402) 472-5855 Tue 5:30-8:20 p.m. [email protected] Purpose: To provide an overview of information systems technology research in the general context of management information systems. This course of study will include consideration of paradigms in the scientific method and general systems theory, the impact of IT/IS on business and society, and unintended consequences of the implementation of technology. Current literature will be examined to see recent developments. Papers:Students will participate in presenting relevant papers. These will include some listed on the last page of the syllabus. Students will also be given the opportunity to find a relevant paper to present. Semester Project: Students will be responsible for a paper where they discuss the role of general systems theory in a specific focused area of information systems. Specific topics will be selected at the beginning of the second week. The paper is to be literate and documented, relating what has been done in this field, and what sorts of interesting research questions remain. Proposal due last class in week 6
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Syll954 - Syllabus: Management 954 Advanced Topics in...

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