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How To Write a Syllabus Experimental College The course syllabus is the main form of communication between teachers and students about objectives, content, and requirements. Because of ExCo's more liberal definition of education, ExCo syllabi must be even more clear and thorough in their explanation of classes. A good syllabus keeps you and your students on track, and can alleviate problems of hazy goals and lack of direction. It also helps students to make informed and quick decisions about whether to enroll. Note: Any changes made to the syllabus after the course is approved must be reported to the Committee before classes begin. You can find examples of excellent syllabi on the ExCo website: www.oberlin.edu/exco Your syllabus is the most important part of your application. In order to get your class approved, your syllabus (usually) must: -cover the 12-week semester, listed week by week -state topics/activities for each class meeting
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