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Syllabus Template This template is intended to be used to help faculty construct course syllabi that will meet the minimum requirements as specified in the new policy recently approved by the Academic Senate (3/18/04). Each course syllabus must include the following elements: Instructor’s Name Office Number (include building and office #, e.g. SPA--204) Office Telephone Number or an E-Mail Address (or both, but at least one of these) Office Hours Term of the current course (e.g. Fall 2004) Class Meeting Times (e.g. MW 11:00 - 12:15) Class Location (e.g. LA4-101) A list of at least one of the following elements: Course Goals or Course Objectives or Expected Student Learning Outcomes Required Texts and any other required materials and information on any required course fee (if applicable) Types of Assignments Sequence of Assignments Basis for Assigning the Course Grade The Instructor’s Interpretation of the University’s Withdrawal Policy as it will be applied to this particular course
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This note was uploaded on 12/09/2009 for the course ACC 294 taught by Professor Jakens during the Fall '09 term at Acton School of Business.

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SyllabusTemplate - SyllabusTemplate This template is...

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