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Academic misconduct Academic Misconduct in any form is in violation of Iowa State University Student Disciplinary Regulations and will not be tolerated. This includes, but is not limited to: copying or sharing answers on tests or assignments, plagiarism, and having someone else do your academic work. Depending on the act, a student could receive an F grade on the test/assignment, F grade for the course, and could be suspended or expelled from the University. See the Conduct Code at for more details and a full explanation of the Academic Misconduct policies. Academic misconduct You are expected to practice academic honesty in every aspect of this course and all other courses. Make sure you are familiar with the ISU Student Information Handbook, especially the section on academic misconduct. Students who engage in academic misconduct are subject to university disciplinary procedures, as well as consequences with regard to this course. Forms of academic dishonesty: Obtaining unauthorized information . Information is obtained dishonestly, for example, by copying graded homework assignments from another student, by working with another student on a take-home test or homework when not specifically permitted to do so by the instructor, or by looking at your notes or other written work during an
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AcademicMisconductSampleStatements - Sample Academic...

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