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DEPARTMENT OF ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY 1MET 476 – Principles of Marine Engineering II Syllabus – Fall 2008 T/R 5 :45 – 7 :00 PM Instructor: Anthony W. Dean, PhD Office Location: Kaufman Hall, Room 111D Phone: 757-683-3769 Fax: 757-683-5655 Email: Cell/Home: 757-589-1357 (Note in an effort to be available, this information is provided to you. Do not abuse this privilege, students who do so will be blocked from this – hint: calling me before 11AM and after 9PM is truly risky behavior) Course (Catalog) Description This course of study builds upon the previous course and provides a more in- depth look at shipboard systems and introduces topics such as the use of Nuclear Marine Propulsion, Electric Propulsion, Construction Materials, basic shipboard operations, ship specifications. Prerequisites MET 330, MET 350 Textbook(s) and/or Other Required Material Marine Engineering , Roy L. Harrington – Editor; The Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers, 1992 Course Objectives Students completing this course will the basic understanding of: Nuclear Marine Propulsion Electric Propulsion Drives Ship Construction Ship Construction Materials Topics Covered Please see attached tentative schedule. The schedule and assignments are very subject to change dependent upon the availability of guest lecturers and their topic areas. This is a survey type course designed to expose students to a wide array of areas in Marine Engineering Computer Applications Some spread sheet applications (MS Excel) Laboratory Projects No Associated Laboratory
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Mutual Responsibilities and Expectations We count on each other to come to class prepared and ready to enhance our collective learning process. The material in this course builds upon itself. If you do not understand something you will quickly become lost and it will be very difficult to get caught up. It is critical that you do the homework when assigned and read the assigned material before the lecture to get the most from
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