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SYLLABUS INTERNATIONAL AND FOREIGN LEGAL RESEARCH SEMINAR 6867 Spring Semester 2004 Mary Rumsey (612)625-2905 Room 255J Law Library Stop by anytime, or see me at the Reference Office (try Wednesdays 9 a.m.-12:30 and Thursdays 4-8 p.m.). Disclaimers: Some of the handouts and exercises in the class are adapted with permission from Marci Hoffman, International & Foreign Law Librarian, University of California, Berkeley School of Law Library. The syllabus is subject to change during the semester. The good news: Usually, it’s sufficient to skim the reading assignments. The primary goal of your reading them is to familiarize yourself with what’s out there and how to use it, rather than to learn the names of sources. Jan. 12 Introduction to seminar; basic concepts; types of sources; using MnCat, other catalogs, and periodical indexes to find international and foreign legal information. Interest survey (what do you know and what do you want to know?). Read: Nothing assigned. Jan. 19 NO CLASS. Martin Luther King holiday. Due: Basic searching exercise; hand in at the reference office by 5:00 on Jan. 23, or email to me by 5:00 on Jan 23. Jan. 26 Researching Public International Law (P.I.L.). Treaties and other sources (customary law, generally-recognized principles, judicial decisions, and teachings of publicists). What’s due: Your proposed pathfinder topic. Read:
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