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Syllabus-CS499-Senior-Design-Project-fall2009 - Syllabus...

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Syllabus for CS 499-001 Senior Design Project Fall 2009 Instructor: Dr. Jane Hayes ( www.cs.uky.edu/~hayes) . Room 233 , Hardymon Building Office hours TR 0915 - 1000 (Robotics (CRMS) Bldg, Room 514D) or by appointment Course information: Course homepage http://selab.netlab.uky.edu/homepage/CS499fall09.htm Course: CS 499 Senior Design Project Section 001 Meets: TR 0800 - 0915 Location: Ralph G Anderson Ralph G Anderson-Rm.203-RGAN Description: This is a project course. Students will work in small groups to design and implement systems of current interest to computer scientists. The course will also provide a high-level overview of the software engineering discipline: software requirements, software design, software construction, software management, and software quality. Course Outcomes: - The student shall know the phases of the software development lifecycle and be able to define them. (C1) - The student shall know the difference between project and process metrics. (C2) - The student shall be able to define the terms version control and change control. (C3) - The student shall be familiar with methods for performing requirements elicitation and requirements analysis. (C4) - The student shall be able to discuss important design principles such as information hiding and abstraction. (C5) - The student shall be able to discuss the differences between structured and object oriented analysis and design. (C6) - The student shall be able to define key testing terms such as black box testing and white box testing. (C7) - The student shall be able to perform the activities of the software lifecycle for a small to medium software project. (C8) - The student shall be aware of ethical considerations in software engineering. (C9) CS Outcomes: Specifically, students will be able to: CS1. use accepted project development processes in the project implementation CS2. implement a large project CS3. work as part of a team CS4. present results of their work orally
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CS5. document their work in a written report Course Materials: Required Text: Shari Lawrence Pfleeger and Joanne M. Atlee Software Engineering: Theory and Practice, * Fourth Edition* Prentice Hall ISBN: You must obtain a copy of this text. Recommended Texts: Frederick P. Brooks, Mythical Man Month, 2 nd Edition , Addison Wesley ISBN: 0-201-83595-9 Martin Fowler and Kendall Scott UML distilled: a brief guide to the standard object modeling language (NOTE: 2 nd edition available in library) Gamma, Helm, Johnson & Vlissides Design Patterns : elements of reusable object-oriented software Addison-Wesley. ISBN 0-201-63361-2. You do not have to obtain these, though you may choose to. Also, copies have been placed on reserve in the Engineering Library (3 rd floor Anderson Hall) Other readings, as assigned: These are available via hyperlink in this syllabus or are on our course web page. See list below.
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Syllabus-CS499-Senior-Design-Project-fall2009 - Syllabus...

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