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Michael Kjome February 23, 2009 Ethnic Literature Essay Exam I In many different countries there will always be outsiders that do not “fit in” with the general culture or customs of a particular country but for the New World the ones who were there first were the ones who were seen as outsiders. For many years American Indians have struggles with this concept and through their difficult struggle they have created some of the most beautiful stories to share. Authors such as Joseph Marshall III, E. Donald Two-Rivers, and Sherman Alexi have given us stories that would have been white washed and inaccurate of what it feels like to be an outsider in your own land. Joseph Marshall III grew up on the Rosebud Sioux Indian Reservation in South Dakota where he learned the traditions from his maternal grandparents. His first language is Lakota and acquired the ancient tradition of oral storytelling. After teaching at the High School and University level be decided to become a full time writer and has published six nonfiction works and one novel along with other acclaimed work such as screenplays and the like. In his quest to help his fell American Indians, Joseph Marshall III became one of the founders of the Sinte Gleska University in 1971 on the Rosebud Sioux Indian Reservation, thus becoming a Charter Board Members. Joseph Marshall III heritage is represented in his work of short stories from the Dance House. The story of Oliver Snow Bear in Oliver’s Silver Dollar represents a Native American who is completely competent in many aspects of the word but misunderstood by most of the white people around him. After turning eighteen and moving out the First Charger home, white family whom he stayed with after his parents
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have died, he spent most of his time wondering and living off of the land. Unaware that he had inherited three hundred and twenty archers, which were leased for him at a profit, he made shelters from brush and hunted rabbits and small animals for survival. Though he was never cold or hungry, Oliver Snow Bear was thought of as incompetent, simple minded and reclusive. When visiting the First Chargers, he received a letter notifying him of the land and wealth that had been waiting for him. Oliver collected the three hundred and twenty archers as well as five hundred and eighty dollars form the leasing of the land.
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