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CrimeSceneInvestigation - Michael Kjome MCDB 3500 HW 3...

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Michael Kjome MCDB 3500 HW 3 Crime Scene Investigation "Based on your expertise in molecular biology, you have been called to the scene of a homicide investigation. Many other clues or leads in this case were unproductive so far. Based on circumstantial evidence, there is a suspicion that the perpetrator might have left behind skin cells found under the victim's fingernails. How could your expertise help the investigators solve the crime and hopefully catch the bad guy? DNA is a very personal way to indentify every individual. Approximately one tenth of a single percent differs between every person. We use this to profile an individual using sample of blood, hair or any other biological material like skin cells found from under a victim’s fingernails. When a sample is obtained it is usually only a limited amount and as scientists we need a larger amount of starting material to figure out who the bad guy is. We need to amplify the DNA that we have obtained. We can do this through PCR to produce a
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