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Michael Kjome MCDB 3500 HW# 9 1 The essay question (due Tuesday) is as follows: "As an expert molecular biologist in a biotechnology or pharmaceutical company, you would like to develop a drug to treat the following conditions: 1) Bacterial (Salmonella/E.coli) infection in humans 2) H1N1 viral infections in humans 3) Leukemia or cancer in humans What are important considerations for your drug design? What issues or considerations are common to all 3 situations, and what is unique? To treat a bacterial infection or to develop a cure for the infection you would want to make what most people call a selective poison. You do not want to kill all the cells in your body, as this would be the wrong thing to do but instead create a drug that might affect different bacteria. A possibility would be to design a drug to inhibit a bacterium’s ability to process glucose to energy or the ability to construct microtubules or motor proteins. This would render the infection in able to do what it wants, and that is to make you sick and allow leave the infection
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