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Hedda Gabler Questions 1.Soon after we meet Hedda, she is seen by herself “raising her arms and clenching her fists as though in desperation.”
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2. What are Hedda’s character traits as revealed by her past relationship with Thea Elvstead? (2491-92)By something that is already happening to her future?
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3.Describe Hedda’s relationship with Judge Brack.How does she see it? What does he want it to be? (2500)
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Unformatted text preview:4. Describe Hedda's relationship with Loevborg. How does she see it? What does he want it to be? (2510-11) 5. Why does Hedda encourage Loevborg to attend the bachelor part when she knows that it might cause him to fall back to debauchery? (2514-15) (2526-7) 6. Read bottom 2536 to end aloud. Why does Hedda kill herself? 7. Why do you suppose it is that modern actors still love to play the role of Hedda?